The Deal with the Devil that Created Rock & Roll – Demonic Tales & Robert Johnson

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  1. You should do a video on the story of Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett

  2. Jabrado Coconut Frosting

    Wendigoon, how do you feel that a blood meridian movie is in the works right now with Cormac McCarthy and his son John Francis McCarthy as executive producers. For producer and director is John Hillcoat.

  3. Video 1 day ago, pinned comment 2 days ago?

  4. look in tsarichina hole wendi ill blow your socks off

  5. To the white saviors in the comments who claim everything is racist- just stop. No black person wants you or needs your help. You embarrass us and yourself.

  6. GatorMacheteJr

    > “Go-eth”
    > English

    We’re hitting levels of American that shouldn’t be possible.

  7. another version of the twardowski legend is that to avoid getting dragged to hell he fled to the moon on a flying rooster!

  8. Is that a Poland reference?

  9. Demons don’t exist, the guy used it as a catch to boost his career.

  10. We, some random-ass person from the other half of the world, sitting down and patiently listening to more US fairytales:

  11. Wait a dame…. Is that the guy from oh brother we’re are thou

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