The Day Our Best Friend Almost Died…

One of the most scary days in TFIL history as we watched one of our besties fall off a waterfall face first into the rocks… Even after the crisis room visit, Corbin handled everything like a champion and still made sure we were on time to go to an animal sanctuary later that day… This is Part 2 of 8 from our Costa Rica series. Use my code “TFIL10” for 10% OFF of your order at #EnergyDrink #BangEnergy #Ad

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  1. Thanks for tuning in & happy to say Corbin did not die. Few inches away & it could have been a different story. In the next video Corey quits TFIL. The video after that he unquits. The video after that, the prime minister of Costa Rica gave us exclusive permission to stay overnight on a haunted prison island. Weird trip!

  2. The Intro: “If your friend jumped off a cliff would you?”
    Elton: Yeah and I’ll do double what he does

  3. The kid with the pigtails

    Celery and Peanut butter? lmao

  4. Go drifting for the first time.

  5. Jessica Robertson

    Glad Corbin is okay! Could hav been so much worse he has some good friends by his side though! Honestly I would love to go treasure hunting I was obssed with the india Jones movies. when I was younger I wanted to study archeology but was always told by my elders that it’s a job that brings in no money so I was discouraged and then I got pregnant and had a new adventure in motherhood but its still on my bucket list!

  6. So fun

  7. Morgan Bellanger

    Okay sirs, No TFIL member gets to die before I meet them

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