The Dark History of 2b2t’s “Bedrock Sphere”

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Today on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft, we talk about The Dark History of 2b2t’s “Bedrock Sphere”

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homieonice (Instagram)

2b2t is one of the weirdest places in Minecraft, and is updating to 1.18/1.19 soon!


  1. Georgebush420 bikini skin XD

  2. Georgebush420 when he meets georgebush2001

  3. He lasted 12 seconds before saying the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft

  4. you could say the Bedrock Sphere… is 2B2T’s Death Star.

  5. Bro build a death star 😂

  6. Best Minecraft channel! Love you man!

  7. PogFitMc? tf

  8. Drowned-Mouse-in-cleavage

    why was the base deleted, and how is it you can have a illegal structure on a anarchy server with supposedly no rules, the structure cant be illegal. do we find out after ten years that 2b2t isnt a real anarchy server, it has rules. mmm

  9. Talk about the issues with priority queue banning

  10. Colton Sullivan

    Good to know you’re still around man!

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