The Current State of the MCU



  1. I loved the part where MODOK said “It’s Modokin’ time” and proceeded to Modok all over the place. Truly one of the movies of all time, for sure.

  2. Only thing I’m hype for is the Daredevil show.

  3. On Thanos’s behalf he wanted to “kill everybody” because he is eternal and deviant hence his purple skin and chin along with powers he is the smartest and most powerful eternal and he used the stones because he knew what would happen with the celestials no one talks about it that much but that’s the reason why along with wanting titan to be beautiful once again, the only good thing about the eternal was them bringing in the black knight ummm what’s his name Circis boyfriend and Blade which that was who was talking to the black knight in after credits and then following up was morbious and we had moon knight and the game following up to that was the midnight suns you see where I’m going with this. If they don’t bring the living tribunal into a movie as a villian or something in a fallow up movie after that cameo in Dr Strange Multiverse of Madness I’m going to be pissed

  4. Phase 4 is the Rey Skywalker Saga of Marvel…

  5. Black panther was good but ant man was weird but some scenes were ok lol the tv shows on Disney plus like she hulk are terrible

  6. 10:03 HAHAHAHA that was so funny

  7. Brandon Anderson

    No Way Home was SONY. And Kang isn’t more interesting. Because with Kang, there’s no stakes. Nothing matters because there’s always another Iron Man out there. Or another Cap. So, no, Thanos was a much better story.

  8. Really great video, I feel the same way about pretty much everything you said. I hope the execs holding all the money see this and heed your advice.

  9. I LOVED Phase 4…

    QUANTUMANIA was TRASH though

  10. I hope Marvel takes this advice, but also…Where. The. Hell. Are THE X-MEN MOVIES?!? What are they doing?!?!?

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