The Current State Of Tarkov And Why I’ve Stopped Playing

I get asked why I am not playing Tarkov much anymore, this is why!

0:00 Intro
0:18 Why I’ve stopped playing
4:22 The current state of Tarkov
9:33 What you will see from me now & when I’ll be back
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Outro Music – Plague by AИTISOUND


  1. I dont know if you play singleplayer game but please play Stalker

  2. I’m astounded at your level of dedication to this game, and all your guides. And I 100% respect your decision.

  3. TheDarknessOfGames

    You stopped playing because you are burnt out, your brain finally is sending signals saying do something else

  4. Tarkov needs a separate hardcore gamemode where the game needs to give you unexpected mechanics that brings excitement and curiosity to players and new ways to play everytime. Sounds like something complicated but definitely possible.

  5. I think what would help for ‘full time’ players / streamers as apposed to casual players like myself is really simple, why wouldn’t a difficulty setting work…

    Eg ,
    easy = flea market at level 5/10, quests at an easier completion requirement etc

    normal = current state

    hard = flea market level 30/40? quests made harder

    Hardcore = same rules as hardcore series, limited flea market use (barter only) or just simply no flea market as per usual hardcore mode

    I don’t think tweaking xp itself would help and certainly don’t change any in game stats such as health / damage etc as it would fuck the firefights, but having certain limitations as mentioned above could really help,

    I loved pre Lvl20 moments during this wipe and it made me focus on tasks a lot more, I completely understand pest and other players stating stagnant gameplay

  6. I 100% am in the same boat but pretty stopped playing at level 20 at the beginning of this wipe

    Super excited to see more different types of content!

  7. It would be amazing to see you get into DayZ! Such a great game with a lot of potential for great content! That being said I enjoy your content no matter what game u play 🤩

  8. Try some Rust, noone will die to one HS, shooting is pretty much skillful and u have to know when to fight. Best survival shooter when it comes to skill imo

  9. I think the flea market level bump to 20 has also wiped out a good bit of the casual player base

  10. I like the shorts

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