The Curious Case of the Capybara

1st video clip of 20203! Appreciate you all being patient, as you can imagine, these video clips are not precisely quick to make (but hopefully worthwhile).

Music from:
Lakey Inspired: A Walk on the Moon & Viewing the Clouds
RuneScape: Medieval
Super Smash Bros: Delfino Plaza & Molgera Battle
Hollow Knight: Greenpath


  1. Why Japan?

  2. This is unironically the single most informative video about capybaras I’ve ever seen in my life

  3. Urban Rescue Ranch taught me that capybaras are a huge commitment as a pet

  4. Uncle Charlie🔧

    Anyone else pause the video to look up what they taste like? Pork, just so ya know. 😅

  5. Edp sized predator to minor 😂

  6. I love watching his videos when I want education & laughter at the same time I watch him,no I always watch these cool videos they are very informative.

  7. Capis are the best

  8. The Hollow Knight Background Sound 👌🏽

  9. The best Casual Geographic Video to date. Could you do one on alligator snapping turtles?

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