The correcting feature of typewriters is not what I thought

I was truly taken aback when I learned how this works.

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  1. Technology Connections

    I know, forgive me, the typewriter in the thumbnail ain’t the one that does the correcting. It’s just far prettier! It’s also brown.
    Here’s The Engineer Guy’s great video on the Selectric:

    • @Nøderak j9jo5

    • @copyfx00 huh

    • I was gonna say!

    • @Tony Gunk I think he did one a while ago! It sounds vaguely familiar

    • @Johan Metreus I have noticed the same thing John, poor Alec leaps from self deprecation to self flagellation & back again. As much as I thoroughly enjoy his content, I think about how hard he is on himself & while I would enjoy meeting the man, I don’t think I could work for him! His standards are a huge part of what makes me feel smarter after watching an episode, but sometimes I wonder if he isn’t the illicit love child of Niles Crane & Martha Stewart!

  2. ‘Twas once said that the longest word that could be typed using the qwerty row was typewriter.

  3. My grandpa tried really hard to get me into tech, sometimes that expressed itself as buying me an electric typewriter that sat between the DOS and Windows Vista computers in his basement.

  4. I find it bizarre that typewriters are so expensive compared to printers

  5. When my dad was done with Vietnam, he became a typewriter repair man working for a university and eventually the shop turned into the printer repair shop

  6. We had little strips of paper with whiteout on the back that you would stick manually above the letter you wanted to erase and hit the key of that letter again.

  7. love when a one-off video the creator says they threw together turns out to be an all time great. would love more typewriter stuff. also others have mentioned that “floppy save icon” effect but now i understand what that ‘carriage return’ means that anyone who’s moved files from Windows to Linux has dealt with

  8. 5:42 Damn. Lower/Uppercase is named because of their typewriter arrangement. It only just clicked in my head. I’m feeling like a Zoomer learning about payphones or something.

  9. Love those daisy wheels. I had an IBM wheelwriter, best thing ever.

  10. Miles Comparetto


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