THE COMPLEX – Backrooms Found Footage

The Complex Backrooms discovered footage is an astonishingly atmospheric game
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  1. Mr Beast backrooms when?

  2. Day 167 asking jack when he will continue observer

  3. olliego (i do stuff)

    if you want some REALLY good backrooms stuff, you should really look to god damn roblox of all things, theres an AMAZING backrooms recreation with entities and everything called “Apeirophobia”, 17 levels of amazing sound and level design somehow made on roblox, whenever I play it I almost forget its even roblox.

  4. Dude is simpin of course she’s cheating

  5. Ratio Deez Nuts

  6. some of the elements and backgrounds here really reminded me of control and SCP containment breach!

  7. The thing that I would manly so in the backrooms is just talk to myself and then try rip out the walls and try draw I wouldn’t try explore just sit and think to myself

  8. After my first rabbit hole of backrooms info and just how fleshed out the lore is… I would LOVE someone to make a giant multi level open world(maybe even online) survival horror game. If you read about each floor in the backrooms they explain how each one is connected in vivid detail almost like a written map, if someone had the time they could really build a massive open maze of floors with all the creatures and settlements and have the main goal be “escape” but have different things going on as you progress.(almost like side quests)

  9. Séan: “I’m STRONGER, I’m BETTER”
    Immediately after: “NO I’M NOT I’M SORRY”

  10. Jesus you scared me

    day 1 of asking jack to play scorn

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