The Commercial Failure – Scott The Woz

Scott discusses several commercial disasters throughout gaming history. Surely the uDraw Game Tablet will not show up.

“Just Buy The Game” Full Credits
Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Garrett Williamson
Lyrics by Scott Wozniak & Garrett Williamson

Lead Vocals by Scott Wozniak, Emma Rose Williamson, Debi Selby, & Aimee Joy Weimer
Choir by Debi Selby, Kara Tualatai Davenport, Aimee Joy Weimer, Garrett Williamson, Seth Williamson

Bass by Jacob Lowery
Drums & Percussion by Scott Williamson
Keys & Other Programming by Garrett Williamson

Music Used:
Coming Soon


  1. Love how that song turned your to be so epic! Awesome

  2. Monster Handler Amaturatzu

    Make a video on indie horror games

  3. I wonder how many people bought a copy of touch the ferret after this episode? 🤔

  4. Someone tell me how Scott aged 15 years in only five. Lmao

  5. 1:42 i mean the mario movie has only had trailers and mario games have sold many copies

  6. This episode was so good, but the song was definitely my favorite part. More if that please 🤣

  7. Nir's Plane Reviews

    I have 1 question: what?

  8. The World Ends With You:

  9. Scott is showing his true theater kid

  10. Need this song on Spotify

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