The Chosen: Season 3 Official Trailer

Season 3 launches in THEATERS November 18 (get your information at ), and then comes to streaming shortly after that. If you haven’t seen Seasons 1 & 2, search “The Chosen” wherever you get your apps and on your streaming devices.

“Come to me, you who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.” That’s the theme of Season 3, and man, that applied to those of us making the show as well. It’s taken a long time for Season 3 to get here, and believe me, it wasn’t by choice. From supply chain issues affecting our construction, to Covid delays, to weather, the making of Season 3 for sure made us weary and heavy-laden. We don’t get to escape the themes of each season.

But as you’ll see from this trailer, I believe it was worth it. We launch Season Three in theaters, with Episodes 1 & 2 coming to most English-speaking countries on November 18 for a limited run on the big screen. And don’t worry, if you can’t see it in theaters, you’ll soon after get it free and easy on streaming. So what are you going to see?

Season Three picks up where Season Two left off (you should watch that season if you haven’t-—I promise Season Three will make more sense), with Jesus delivering the most famous sermon in history. What follows are the consequences of living out his teachings. The world changes because of this sermon, and the believers in (and enemies of) Jesus increase exponentially. This creates confusion, chaos, and yes, doubt, and we don’t gloss over any of that in this season. I assure you, you’re going to see some tough questions asked that you’ve no doubt experienced yourself. But…

He gives rest.

Thank you for your patience with this season. The good news is, while you’ve been waiting, literally tens of millions of people around the world have discovered The Chosen, and we are optimistic Season 3 will enlarge this movement even more. Be sure to watch this entire trailer for all the info you’ll need to experience Season 3. More to come!

Dallas Jenkins
Creator, The Chosen

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  1. Can’t wait to show this to you Monday! Side note: for fun, we’d love to see you record a reaction video of your first time watching it. Enjoy!

    • 🙌❤️🙏

    • Just the trailer moved me to tears ! I can’t wait anymore to watch this epic ! And I love all those remaining miracles in the scriptures brought to the screen ! I just wanna quote what Mary M said , “I was one way , and now I’m completely different, and the thing that happened in between was him !” (Jesus and The Chosen ! )

    • Please show at SCAD film festival Savannah Georgia 2023

    • SCAD Savannah film festival 2022

    • Love ❤ The Chosen! Encouraged like never before! Thank you for a new season. We need this in this day we live in. Trials will come but Jesus is with us. HE promised. 🫶🏼🩸✝️🩸⚡️


  3. Go mormons? I guess? All of you “Christians” have no idea what you’re watching. I’ll clue you in…you’re watching mormons reinterpret Jesus for you. Wake up. It’s a mormon production team, paid for by mormons, written by mormons, starring mormons, filmed in Utah.

  4. I love this

  5. Awesome trailer


  7. White people? Let’s be real people

  8. Scott & Dana Davis

    I/we are pumped! The world needs this, especially now. My God use this mightily!

  9. This is going to be the best season out of all of them. It is truly going to show what it means to be lead by Faith

  10. What an amazing tool God have given us via THE CHOSEN. This work of Art is drawing my wife, our friends, and me closer to Christ. It personally drives me deeper into the word. We are learning more and more of how to receive God’s love. Catch up on Seasons 1 & 2, and get ready for 3!

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