The Champions: Season 6, Episode 3

To help him escape a world with no football, Ronaldo must seek help from Messi… 🤝

The Champions will return in November for the World Cup 🌍


  1. Kelvin Lee Sunday

    When Kane said he had no cups💀

  2. That you made it back part killed me

  3. the last line lamo

  4. Gareth Bale a Spanish Translator, 😂😂 the Irony

  5. Slap a Netflix budget on this and we good

  6. Hey could someone plz tell me how is the animation done?

  7. What is the name of the animation app?

  8. Suarez 😂

  9. Roger that flag football league old man league..I’m positive interested..I need athletic older man work out I want a very competitive league..And my squad I need a quarter back …like to run… Big 3 old man basketball ball league

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