The Car-Replacement Bicycle (the bakfiets)

When we were moving back to Canada, we knew we would need a vehicle, but we could not afford one after the move. Gratefully, we discovered an electrical bakfiets, and not only did it take the place of an automobile, it in addition saved us thousands of bucks in the process.

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Thanks in addition to nrbi who provided footage of a payload bakfiets in action in Toronto:

References & further perusing:

Short history of the payload bike
The payload bike: Undervalued all-rounder with promising future

Belading DC_2 per bakfiets. Vliegtuig PH_AKJ Jan van Gent, op Schiphol, onteigend door Duitsers mei 1940

Een bakfiets van warenhuis Metz & Co., Keizersgracht 455, in een rijwielstalling.

Bakfiets met kinderzitjes

Een bakfiets van A.P. de Zwart Czn., Stadhouderskade 61.

Met Floriadepark; Europaboulevard

Linksvoor Nieuwe Achtergracht 29-31 en daarachter de voormalige brood- en meelfabriek Nieuwe Prinsengracht 55-57

Op de voorgrond de Nieuwe Prinsengracht, gezien vanaf het dak van gebouw Ceres.

De toegang aan de zuidzijde van de Coentunnel.

Overzicht straat – Frederik Hendrikstraat

What is 5-Year Cost to Own?
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What Is the Total Cost of Owning a Car?

Kinder- und Warentransport-Pedelec, von Urban Arrow, 2019 in Frankfurt am Main (modified)
By Bigral – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Waste receptacles or dumpsters bearing the “BFI Canada” emblem (a division of IESI-BFC Ltd.) Picture taken at Calgary, Alberta, Canada (modified)
By User:Seerig – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

0:00 Intro
0:48 The Bakfiets
1:31 Mikey loves it!
2:18 The history of the payload bike
2:55 The modern electrical bakfiets
3:40 The bakfietsmoeder
4:13 Bakfiets as a second automobile
4:48 The cash talk
6:14 Curiosity Stream & Nebula advertisement
6:27 The things we hauled
7:10 Commercial bakfietsen
7:57 The twitters
8:49 But the roads are not safe
10:00 Bakfietsmoeders of the world … UNITE!
10:35 Patreon shout-out

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  1. YouTube descriptions have a character limit, so I’m posting this here: thanks to the following orange-pilled Twitter users who contributed photos of their bakfiets hauls:


    • The i3 is an awesome city car and I disagree with your statement. Yes it is a bit goofy but it is unironically a great car if you buy it used. Safe, light and with a TERRIFYINGLY small turn radius, you can do donuts without losing traction it is so stupid and weird but practical.

    • People feel poor and like they are living as a non-American if they don’t have a car and a separated single family house with a yard.

      That’s basically the problem. I don’t think NJB or anyone else will change anything unless you solve that problem.

      Or you could grow into a massive NJB superpac.

    • @iivin this channel has done a few videos about the problems with American housing and how the rules about building houses forbids what we see in Amsterdam and other city’s.

      He did a series about urban plannings, forget the name. Called Something city’s. America is basically stuck in building the classic American home and can’t build the variance of districts you see else where.

    • @catsandrubber I think iivin is talking about how people use their house and mode of transport as status symbols, and thus look down on or feel like they’d be looked down on using anything else.

    • Still think you should make a “Dutch oven” joke.

  2. I live in a largely quiet suburb in Scotland, there is little traffic except on the 2 min roads but we have amenities, the buses aren’t the best, especially on a Sunday, but our son is 3 and a half and we walk everywhere or he’ll follow me on my bike on his little balance bike, we aren’t aiming to go really fast anyways as Scotland is quite hilly and he manages just fine. I largely don’t worry he’ll get knocked down because the traffic is light and slow and on Main Street there are gaurd railings and lots of crossings, he loves pressing the buttons and waiting, could be better but it’s safe enough. He knows his way around already as he gives directions. For going further, I think he’d rather be looking out of the large window on the bus that is at his level rather than seeing a slither through a car window. I like the idea of this, but it would only really e practical for us where we needed to get shopping home with him as to stand any chance of getting it uphill it’d need to be have very low ratios and be going very slow, but in flatter areas they are a great idea.

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  4. InnerSpaceTourist

    These are cool af

  5. I have an urban arrow and you are right about them but you better get insurance for it both for theft and damages.

  6. i can’t wait to take my husband like this.

  7. 🤣

  8. The reason people negatively use the bakfietsmom is because the infrastructure is not yet built for it. Same goes for electric bikes and low speed mopeds. They are great but there is limited space for them in the current road designs.

  9. Nines [Technoholics]

    Anyone catch the chicken?

  10. When I visited Mexico, I saw cargo bikes parked on every streetcorner, alley, and front yard. And most of the places I went there were very walkable, with narrow cobbled streets.

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