The BRIGHTEST Rocket Launch In History – SLS Launches Artemis 1

After years of delay’s NASA’s SLS rocket finally took to the skies and dispatched Artemis 1 on the way to the moon for a 3 week mission to test the Orion spacecraft and demonstrate its future capabilities to take astronauts beyond low earth orbit for the very first time in 5 decades.

Features some terrific photographs and video clip by photographers on site:

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  1. No, Scott. Never apologize for a good joke; dad or otherwise. And that one was manly.

  2. Lucius Chiaraviglio

    Still gets me that they don’t recover what they could recover, at least the solid rocket boosters.

  3. This genuinely made me smile. I love this, it makes me feel 12 again and back in 2013. 😀

  4. These rockets ate destroying earth

  5. holy f this was awesome.

  6. 🍻Cheers Scott. Awesome Vid 🤘😎

  7. I like how you called the comments out on this, also YES! If they listened to you about the bamboo, they might about the minecarts

  8. This is why gas prices are skyrocketing. Fix this planet, stop trying to get off of it. 🤦😡

  9. A bit underwhelming 🙁

  10. Torque is Cheap is actually really good! 🙂

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