The Bizarre Paths of Groundwater Around Structures

Some surprising concerns for engineers who design subsurface structures…

Next time you see a dam, preserving wall, caisson, or any other subsurface manufacturing, there is a good chance that engineers have had to consider how groundwater will affect the steadiness. Although you would never know they are there, some concoction of drains and cutoffs were most likely installed to keep the structure (and the residents around it) safe and sound.

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    • I love invisible solutions! Defying expectations! And what do you know? I’ll be the first to say it, this is not the most mind blowing revelation. You could have probably predicted it without the fancy model. It can create a positive feedback loop where failure progresses rapidly!

    • Does your new book ship to Australia?

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      I love Hello Fresh, too; been doing it for about three months, and I think there was maybe one thing in all that time that I didn’t love. And it was OK.

    • Colton Richardson

      I would love to see a video on the teton dam flood in idaho on June 5th 1976. It affected my family greatly and it would be fun to get some explanation on why it failed

  2. I love how your videos are becoming like Wikipedia articles constantly linking to yourself. Gradypedia

  3. You and the undecided fella are top notch. Wish u could do a colab

  4. Hmm the soil looks tasty …

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    You are the Bob Ross of Engineering videos – great video!

  8. Groundwater was the issue constructing the latest subway line in Cologne/Germany resulting in the collapse of the city archive building (and some other buildings) in 2009 leaving two men dead and a damage of several hundreds of millions Euro. … Groundwater not from Rhine river but flowing to the Rhine river.

  9. Here in California we’ve used up most of the ground water by sinking tens of thousands of wells. As a result, we’ve significantly reduced the risk for earthquakes. As you know, the vast majority of earthquakes are caused by ground water erosion.

  10. Your zig-zagging is excellent, sir!

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