The Bizarre Death of Gloria Ramirez – The Toxic Lady Incident

Dr. Grant’s posted article detailing his assumption of Ramirez’s death:

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  2. 25:00 this is actually the only story I had heard till now, so I’m happy to know it was just a rumor.

  3. Do an episode on the mob killing at the palace of gold in west virgina during the late 20th century

  4. I first heard of the Gloria Ramirez case after reading about the production of an anime movie. The 1995 anime anthology movie called Memories features three different short films, one of which, titled “Stink Bomb”, is a story of a man who works at a secret experimental drug facility and accidentally ingests a pill which makes him produce an odor that causes all animals to die and flowers to rapidly grow and bloom. The film is partially directly inspired by the Gloria Ramirez case.

    There’s been a clip blowing up on youtube recently called something like “the most overanimated army” which is a part of this short that some of you may have seen.

  5. Wendigoon x MrBAllen collab when?

  6. Proving Grounds Wrestling

    If I ever had this man as a teacher, I would be so much smarter than I am with whatever topic he would be teaching 😂

  7. Bro turned into Walter White for this one 💀💀💀

  8. I’m not a chemist, but wouldn’t it be more likely the DMSO on her skin when exposed to the energy and heat from the defibrillator and the open air became the volatilized toxic chemical? It would be easier to test in a lab.

  9. in the 1990s when i was in high school and taking “sports medicine 1-3”, our teacher taught us about athletes using DMSO(WD-40) and asprin to relieve joint pain, DMSO will transport anything thru your skin! we had a kid do that who was a gardener on the weekends, ended up with acute poisoning because in addition to the DMSO, he accidentally had herbicide on his hands!!!


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