The Birth Of Our Daughter 💛

The birth of our daughter 💛 meet Makaiah Lou Conte

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  1. She’s here🥺 welcome to the world,beautiful 🌻 I wish you so much happiness in life.. You have the best parents in the world so I’m sure you will have a great and humble upbringing ahead… Feels like one of my closed ones had baby.. Feels so personal and happy💙💙💙💙💙💙🌼🌼
    Bless You,Sweetheart 🌼🌼🌼

  2. This pregnancy has been very emotional for me. Between Jess telling Gabe and then the family seeing the baby I HAVE NOT KEPT IT TOGETHER lol congrats guys!!!

  3. Mindyourbusinesbro

    Every mother I’ve seen give birth is ALWAYS excited to se the baby even after all that pain and shit but this girl looked like she didn’t even wanna touch her baby . No tears, no smiling , nothing . Put the baby on her chest and she just looked awkward like ummmm ok it’s a baby ….?????🤔 . NEVER seen someone give birth and look UTTERLY BORED/ANNOYED like they want nothing to do with the kid already 🫢😬

  4. She’s so smiley!

  5. Precious

  6. U guys are amazing n precious, congrats! Sending all the love and prayers🤗✨

  7. Brianna Castillo

    So so beautiful. Both of you are going to be amazing parents. I’m so excited for this new journey you guys are on, praying for you both!! 🤍

  8. 😍🥲🫶🙏

  9. Happy tears for you three! Congratulations ❤️

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