The Best Selling Consoles of All Time – Scott The Woz

Scott continues to have been robbed 7 days ago.

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  1. 3:00 what game is this?

  2. I had a PSP and PS Vita…ended up selling the Vita after a couple years, but I still have my PSP.

  3. I loved my PSP in highschool. I think it did well because of Nintendos childish marketing of the DS it made it the “adult” choice for teens at the time.

  4. 6:21 look at the controller on the left

  5. Hearing you talk about the Wii and how difficult it was to get it during launch made me even more appreciative of how the heck my parents managed to get one for me for Christmas that same year. I shall never forget the countless afternoons of fun I had with it.

  6. 6:08 Ah yes, my favourite console: The XOBX

  7. make this the best selling video of all time plz

  8. The GBA/DS situation was a major slap in the face from Nintendo to its fanbase. First gen, SP, and SP 101, and the DS came out all within like 3 years. I had the OG Gameboy and GBC as a kid, and the first gen first gen GBA. Then I left Nintendo outa spite because it felt like they were tryin to milk every dollar by releasing new versions every year. Not only that, we really didnt get to see what the GBA coulda been in its second half, like SMB1 vs 3. Had it had a real run, I bet we would saw some great FPS’s etc.

  9. i didn’t believe you on the 3DS not being known, but when i took my 2DS out in school earlier, someone asked me what it was and why it was so big

  10. Best quote ever from LoadingReadyRun
    Halo 3: Finish the fight.
    Halo 4: Start a new fight.

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