the BEST ENCHILADAS POBLANAS!! no joke amiguis.. | Louie’s Life

my amiga an I @ADAM RAY OKAY chose to try to make enchiladas poblanas! Im not going to lie… I was doubting her A LOT while making these and you will see why.. pero I was shocked with the end result.. during the whole video we could not stop laughing. this was both our first times trying to make enchiladas so it was a bit of a mess..

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  1. no joke… i didn’t think we were going to be able to make these💀💀

  2. Can’t express how much you both together make!!!! My day 🥹❤️❤️❤️ I need more


  4. This is my third time watching this video smh lmao it’s so good 😂

  5. Cristian Amezcua

    “What’s the secret ingredient gorge?”
    “Louie: grenas🤩”

  6. Los pelos se los pusieron para el sabor o para el enamoramiento i stead of the agua de calzón don’t lie 💀😅😂

  7. Andrea Hernandez

    Cilantro is nasty I agree 🤢

  8. I wish I had a friend like this 😂

  9. Meee yelling SERRANO🤣

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