The BEST Anime of Fall 2022 – Ones To Watch

Chainsaw Man is just the tip of the iceberg. Fall 2022’s Anime lineup is COMPLETELY STACKED! Get ready for some of the finest anime you have ever seen. These are the Ones to Watch.

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0:00 A Monster Season
2:13 Support Animator Supporters
4:42 Mobile Fighter L Gundam
7:38 Want a Joke About the Title? Do it Yourself!!
10:09 The Citizen Kane of Man Get Hurt Fall Down
12:43 Squid Game But It’s Soccer
14:48 K-On but it is awkwardly close to home
16:43 So I’m a Sword, So What?
19:27 Kick-Ass, But Unironically, But It’s An Isekai
22:19 Not All Witches Ride Giant Robots
24:21 The One You Absolutely Need To Watch
26:31 The One With The Chainsaw
29:45 Bonus Recommendations

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In the insides of his Mother’s Basement, Geoff Thew constructs video clips inspecting the storytelling methods of anime and video games. He’s been named the #1 Worst YouTube Anime Reviewer by The Top Tens.


  1. Sorry guys, It looks like several of the streaming platform graphics in the video are wrong.

    Gundam is on crunchyroll, not HiDive
    Bocchi the rock is on crunchyroll not Netflix
    Eminence In Shadow is on HiDive, not crunchyroll
    Raven of the Inner Palace is in Crunchyroll, not HiDive

    • @Gautam Sarathy So you like spokons with the teamwork we have seen too many times. That’s what I like about Blue Lock, being a deconstruction of it, with some applicability into real soccer.
      In fact the organizer of Blue Lock explains to any spokon guy why you should prefer egotism into soccer, and the show eventually will go beyond egotism.

    • @Christnappa4 I really don’t like sports anime in general, and aside from that, hyper competitive environments actually trigger me and remind me of the lingering issues the school system saddled me with. High stakes competition is soul crushing, and I cannot stand it being touted as a virtue.

    • And I’m on Welbutrin and not on peyote. For now.

    • One of the first things I noticed. Still glad that you put forth the effort to show where to watch.

    • And what about Arknights? Check out near light teaser

  2. The anime I’m watching didn’t make this list.

  3. Why is best girl even using the squirt gun? Those nails look far more intimidating.

  4. 15:45 got me good

  5. What’s in an OP for Mob season 3. I wanna see that so badly.

  6. suspectableskeptic

    This season is super stacked with really good adaptations so I’m looking forward to checking out all of these!

  7. Im happy reincarnated as a vending machine got an anime. It is completely nuts but I started reading the books and got kind of bummed out it ended so unceremoniously despite myself. unlike sword he has no over the top broken ability that kind of defeats the purpose of not being a human (IE able to move himself, ranged attacks) he actually has to find some bs to make a vending machine do things using a Frankenstein of over the top vending machine parts

  8. Big quality of life production improvement I noticed in this video was sharing with us where we can watch each anime!!!

  9. Akiba Maid War was soooo unexpectedly wonderful.

  10. Mobile G fighter was a gem. Fight me

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