The Beatles REVOLVER Special Editions – Official Trailer


Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream…

On 28th October, ‘Revolver’ will be released world-wide in a range of fantastically introduced, newly-mixed and expanded Special Edition packages.

The new stereo mix, sourced directly from the original four-track master tapes, is brought forth in stunning clarity with the help of cutting edge de-mixing science developed by Peter Jackson’s WingNut Films Productions Ltd.

Showcasing GRAMMY-winning original album artwork constructed by Klaus Voormann, the Super Deluxe CD and vinyl residence a gorgeous book featuring Paul McCartney’s foreword, an introduction by Giles Martin, an illuminating essay by Questlove, and perceptive chapters by Kevin Howlett.

Available across 5CD/4LP Super Deluxe, 2CD Deluxe, Picture Disk, 1LP, 1CD, Download and Streaming. Dolby Atmos Mixes + original mono mix accompany never-before-released session recordings and demos, plus the “Paperback Writer” and “Rain” EP.

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  1. This is their peak as well.

  2. REVOLVER is the best of album in Beatls original album

  3. Man! I almost forgot such an album Revolver was! Gotta listen to it again.

  4. Siempre vigentes en el mundo ….Los Beatles hay ni habra nada igual!!!

  5. Finally.
    It’s the most creative moment of The Beatles!

  6. Billy Pezzack Guitar lessons

    Strange new magic! …& there’s so much great music that could be re born because of this tech. Here comes the ‘remixerers’ : )

  7. Total BS how you guys aren’t including a surround mix on a Blu ray disc like all the other sets. Very disappointing.

  8. will there be a quad/surround sound mix?

  9. What a kind of joke! This offers less than the last deluxe issues but with the Price much higher …. No blu Ray … 4 tracks with just 2 different songs in a cd ….. Apple corps not all of us Are so stupid…..

  10. No doubt more than the Taxman is ripping you off with these box sets. 5 CD’s and a book for £125 is taking the piss. Why can’t they do what other bands do and stick them in a Clamshell box and charge 20 bucks cause that in reality is all they are worth and nothing more?

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