The AirPods Alternative You’ve Been Waiting For

The Jabra Elite 65t (Jabra Elite 65t Active) offer an alternative to the Apple AirPods 2, Powerbeats Pro and other entirely wi-fi earbuds.The Elite 65t is attainable in a bunch of colors and offers assorted ear hints for a more custom fit. Price brainy the Jabra Elite 65t sits close to Apple’s AirPods but it is considerably cheaper than the freshly released Beats Powerbeats Pro.


  1. hey lew I was wondering if you could review the new Fossil Smart watch thanks also im part of notification squad

  2. Ive had the 65t’s since Christmas and they’re great

  3. How many wireless earphones Do you look at, let me rephrase that how many wireless earphones does will look at

  4. I dunno, the $16.99 Mpow Bluetooth earbuds you recommended 6 months ago still haven’t busted and they still sound pretty great. I’m not sure if I’m so flush that I’d drop $190 to get rid of the wire that connects the two earpieces.

  5. Well I guess it’s not a price “alternative”…

  6. if you ask what happens when Lew leaves the studio 7:54 lol

  7. Galaxy buds?

  8. I will not buy it hear me you guys that make phones PUT THE FRIK EARPHONE JACKS or I will not buy your phones. I don’t want to let the Bluetooth turned on to hear my musics.

  9. What the battery life though? Personally, that’s what makes airpods so competitive.

  10. Meir kivelevitz

    Micro usb is sort of a dealbreaker.

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