The Age of Broken Video Games

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i cant wait for the michael clayton 1.6 update



  1. hope every gamer across the globe that sees this video has a healthy state of mind and an even more haelthier k/d ratio lets freaking grind some destiny dungeons till we pee ourselves

    feet pics –
    feet tweets –

    • Oh my God have you played Vampire Masquerade: Bloodlines 2!?

    • Why are you such a liar? The link says feet pics but theres no feet pics. I checked and theres nones and its really irritating because you said there would be feet pics but there isn’t. Im really disappointed because I just wanted some feet pics and I looked through your whole account I tried searching up an archive with a way back machine but theres no pics. You owe me now.

    • Now Jakey, this was an excellent video, and I will indeed use your code for honey, but I will not hear anymore of this Edge slander. Edge is legit now my guy and as a fellow Jakey I must inform the law firm of Jakey’s that there is much to be gained from switching to edge

    • Glad you got into D2! Got sucked in and am having a blast (besides the recent campaign)

    • But why male models? I-I mean, how do we reaaach these kids when they’re getting younger and younger when they start playing games? They’re getting targeted by marketing at younger ages for earlier loyalty but how do we earn them every year for every new generation? There needs to be a chaotic event, disruption in the industry or something.

  2. hello jack u look good, i miss you

  3. Online Donkey

  4. You can’t spell JakeyNakey without NakeyJakey

  5. I always smile when I see a new NakeyJakey video

  6. I love Michael Clayton

  7. There should be something that is equivalent to the FDA where a separate entity play the games make sure there are no bugs before it can be sold. Now that will probably mean more red tape and less games in time

  8. microsoft edge is GOOD!!!! do not slander

  9. But… he didn’t spin…

  10. Jakey: “Stop pre-ordering games.”
    Me: *profusely sweating looking at the RE4 Remake pre-order in my Steam Cart*

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