The 3rd Deontay Wilder – Tyson Fury fight lived up to the expectancies – Shannon I UNDISPUTED

The 3rd fight between Tyson Rancor and Deontay Wilder lived up to the hype. Both people went blow-for-blow in a split second classic that ended with Fury emerging triumphant after knocking Wilder to the mat in the 11th spherical. Bypass Bayless and Shannon Sharpe rate the fight on the record terrific scale of 1-10.

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  1. Shay & Skip…Wilder doesn’t Do roadwork…that’s why he has no endurance I had 2 amateur bouts .and I run….I ran out of gas 1/2 way thru round 2…I’ve never heard of a Pro no jogging…look at Hagler…ran 8 miles and had Stamina for 15 rounds…Wilder is one trick Pony he hits hard…BTW no one will ever convince me he hits Harder than foreman or Shavers

  2. @Randys Cheeseburger Picnic listen don’t get me wrong fury is the most skilled in this case over the sloppy wilder but the count was slow on the first and the third fight! In truth the sloppy one got cheated both fights

  3. Wilder fell for Fury’s mind games about 300lbs, this caused Wilder to bulk up and he just couldn’t carry that weight for 12 rounds.

  4. remember Mark McGwire #25
    1BB/T: R/R6′ 5″/250 baseball mark said later in his career his Ankles could not hold up his weight same thing here wilder at 238 was a big big mistake bad idea them muscles need more oxygen the new trainer bad idea remember sugar hill said fury coming in near 300 pounds wilder camp fell for the bait. thats why at weigh in fury left his shirt on team fury out coach wilder team

  5. Tht sounds they made when they hit the mat hunts me to this day

  6. Wilder overtrained for the fight.

  7. Skip wrong again.

  8. You can’t beat a man that believes God is fighting with him. Period

  9. earnie shaver, sonny liston, george foreman, mike tyson david tua all punched harder than wilder

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