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The 2023 Met Gala took place on the very first Monday of May. The event was a jamboree of the late, terrific Karl Lagerfeld, and saw superstars pay tribute to the designer in various ways; some wore antique designs from the guy himself, while others wore creations that have been encouraged by his aesthetic as nemesis fashion dwellings put their own spin on some of his most widely known work.

From Naomi in antique Chanel to Anne Hathaway in Versace, here are our 10 favourite looks from the evening.

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  1. Not putting Sora Choi is a CRIME!!!

  2. Am I the only one that thinks this event is absolutely pointless? Lets flaunt how much money these people truly have by shoving them into thousand-dollar dresses and putting them in front of a camera. Does anyone else see the stupidity in this?

  3. Rihana

  4. Jamie Robinson

    Clown this shit is so freaking sad.He’s been gone anyways.

  5. Jennie from Blackpink also deserves to be in the Top 10

  6. Aulia Tyasworo

    Priyanka gak pernah gagal

  7. Anne Hathaway should be on the 1st list.

  8. Where is Avamax

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