The OG One Chest Challenge is Back!

Mau: @mau69
Chanzes: @Chanzes
Overstrand: @overstrandtv

My favored preipherals, HyperX:

Musicbed SyncID:


  1. I thought Cooper was in PWR

  2. FORTNITE penguin

    Hey lachy I was wondering if I could join PWR and add me so I maybe could try out my username is Bionic penguin 96

  3. FORTNITE penguin

    Also what happened to the account lachy dachy😒

  4. Jackson Francis

    Can you add me on fortnight please

  5. Galacite Gaming

    It’s sad seeing someone who would entertain me and millions of others for many years to get stuck on a game and become boring. I have not watched a vid of yours in over a 1 year. Your average views per game are dropping. I remember the Minecraft parody that you made that got me hooked, 8 years later. I don’t find Fortnite entertaining anymore and same with millions of others. Maybe you channel is dying, or it’s the content but you need to change your content style. I know it’s easier said than done, but I don’t want your channel to die. Good luck and I hope you read this.

  6. Overstrand was really commentating the game

  7. Not overstrand commentating during the endgame

  8. Ah yes my favorite item the owl scout

  9. Imagine if he pinned this πŸ’€

  10. CLAIM 𝟏𝟎𝐊 π•ππ”π‚πŠπ’ π‚π‡π„π‚πŠ 𝐌𝐘 CHANNEL

    Funny how they made Oath-bound Chest 100% spawn rate since the video was recorded

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