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  1. master killer revival

    Remember Boris
    Where you go i shall follow the slav superstar💥💥

  2. Брат! Твой канал потрясающий. Именно по этой причине я начал изучать русский и влюбился в славянскую культуру. Удачи тебе.

  3. The best is me

    get a tiktok yo

  4. The Old Mans Adventure Channel

    Good Luck on everything. Thank you for all the years of great content.

  5. The best is me

    you should get a tiktok just to show how you life is

  6. sucks that i just found out about this channel thanks to this video, loving your videos, specially the recipes and life of artyom videos

  7. Life changes and that’s normal. Good luck on your future endevours, the videos were fun.

  8. This is sad in a sense but I can’t say that I am sad, in fact I am kind of filled with hope, not for Boris to become really popular again but for him to do what makes him happy, I will stick around and I hope you find happiness in this path. I thank you for the content you have put out throughout the years even if it may seem rather random/stupid it still brought a smile to my face. Keep your head up Boris, may things work out for you and your loved ones.

  9. Алексей Галкин

    Стэй чики-брики, бро. Ай эм вери сэд ту… Короче, жаль, что уходишь. Контент, возможно, не актуален и не в тренде, но ты крут. Просто знай, что тебя ценят.

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