Thank you! 3 Million Subscribers!

Thanks to everyone! Mike and every person at Screenwave all appreciate it! Thanks to all of those who have helped with the channel, past or present. The fans, family, and everyone who’s been a part of it.


  1. Love your content James and have been watching for years. Thanks for your commitment and much love.

  2. Thanks for the superb entertainment as well. Also, you can’t un-Nerd you are the angry nerd the one and only the original. Congrats and more power and nerd videos and other great contents. ?

    Yeah don’t ever have mustache or beard. Just stay as your current look. More nerdy that way. ?

  3. Love ya James and best wishes to your family. Bring back some board James. But have been with ya since the beginning. Always loved your stuff. Make more of it though man. Miss ya. And love ya.

  4. You look like Weird Al Yankovic with the stache

  5. Congratulations! I’m also interested in that book. I remember that documentary video about your life you made years ago that was all about how you got into film making it and I remember it being very interesting m. It’s clear you have a real passion in making movies so I really hope to see your horror movie someday!

  6. your videos are as sentimental to me, as the games are for you.

  7. Damn… I was 23 years old with no wife back when castelvania 2… Old times 🙂

  8. what a genuine fella, you deserve it

  9. Man, I’ve been an AVGN fan since you were ANN. Can’t believe I had missed out on the other great stuff since then. Glad I’m more aware and enjoying all you have to offer. I love the direction you guys are taking. Congratulations! Keep it up ?

  10. Will all ways love you james and what you do along with all the others that have helped you along the way, you always made me laugh and fell better even during my darkest days with my depression keep up the good work and well done.

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