Thе ЅUPER ЅTRICT Wіfе Ѕwap Fаmily Thаt Еndеd In Мurdеr – Thе Ѕhocking Сasе of the Ѕtockdalе Famіly

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Hello my name is Danielle, welcome to my True Crime and Makeup series! I have been interested in true criminal activity for the longest time now, what began with me viewing true criminal activity on TV with my Nan from a young age eventually turned into learning for a degree in Law & Criminology.

When I first watched Bailey Sarian’s series I was totally hooked, I liked how she had compounded two of the things I am most fervent about and delivered it so well. She entirely motivated me to take the jump and do the same thing on my channel, so all credit for the concept goes 100% to her.

I’m from the UK and will be covering cases from both the UK and the world over, tell me if there are any cases that you would like to look at from me!



  1. Danielle Kirsty

    Hey guys, if you wanted to check out ExpressVPN you can go to 💜💜💜

    • The Chloe Chronicles⚘️

      The only problem with VPN’s is that home security cameras like Ring will not work with VPN’s so you have to use them to cruise the Internet as needed and then turn them off so your cameras will work.

    • heyy Danielle, you should look into the Paulette case in Mexico, it is a nail-biter and I think you’ll find it really interesting

    • Oh I love(d) the show Wife Swap. Check out celebrity Wife Swap, knowing how staged it is. In fact; Ever since I first learned “reality TV” is scripted, I have seen it all from a different perspective. I learned about it being fake way back in the late 90’s after Mtv’s The Real World had their “Cast” reunion/behind the scenes show with the New York cast.
      That’s just my observation though.

      Re your story here about these tragic events, I believe it is not so much a matter of what or even why this happened but, how or who.
      It doesn’t matter at this poit; I’m just curious about exactly HOW then WHO actually shot the mother and brother.
      It doesn’t fit does it? I suspect there was someone else that was behind this. It’s easy to control someone who has already been broken down and controlled by another.

      This is all purely speculation of course.

    • Your face is asking to be punched 😂

    • The Chloe Chronicles⚘️

      @Karen Walkeden I know those earrings are totally cute

  2. Jane Atwell Robinson's Descendant*

    I homeschooled! I had strict rules! Sure! But we also did all kinds of stuff in the community. Ninety-nine percent of us are awesome, but it’s that one percent that you remember in the news and elsewhere I guess.

    One day my daughter wore her team artistic roller dance uniform to the homeschool skating hour at the local rink. She was chastised for having too short a skirt by the president of the homeschool league. Are you serious? You can’t do a double axel in a prairie skirt! I was told oh, you could if you had enough skill. Get outta here… finally one of the other mothers came over and explained that “Mrs Smith” lets her daughters ice skate, and see how similar the outfits are? My daughter isn’t such a hussy after all… *eyeroll* THE KID WAS NINE!!! And she was wearing full-tights under her skating uniform which was like a velour swimsuit with sparkles and a short tennis skirt sewn to it – you can’t “see” anything exciting. Eesh.

  3. Crystal Rose Hill-Farrell

    Best job I’ve seen discussing this case. Thank you for your work!

  4. Need to dig deeper for more rare cases we haven’t heard of. 😊

  5. The moon rockers girl

    It’s the parents fault

  6. That menu would have driven me to murder…

  7. Definitely watched wife swap and watched the one where the Stockdale family was on. And thought that the Stockdale family was very strict

  8. Hi Danielle 😊. Very interesting video. I remember the Wife Swap program. Lol I used to think it was a strange idea. It always aggravates me why people kill other people when they are going to ultimately kill themselves. I’m sorry for all of the family suffering through this tragedy. It’s very sad that he killed his youngest brother. He seemed to be a great guy just starting out and loving life. The mother was ridiculously strict but I guess she was trying to protect her kids from the real world and the dangers it is full of. Who would think that the danger came from inside the house. And the way it went, we’ll never know why. You did a good job covering all of the information Danielle 🏆🌹 I’d like to hear what you have to say about the case of Sean Dougherty. The boy who was found hanging from the swing in his back yard with his arms tied down and all. The police said it was a suicide but it doesn’t add up to me! If you would please, I’d love to hear what you think. It’s been dismissed and seemingly swept under the carpet way too fast. Sean disserves much more respect than that in my opinion. It’s said that he was running from someone by a partial witness to some of the situation and he had on his step dads tie and maybe shirt! His baby brother was left alone in the house too. I hope you see this request and cover his case from your perspective. Thank You for all your hard work. See you next time! 😊🌹🏆🦋

  9. I feel like we don’t know – know why he did it but we kind of do. He grew up in such an emotionally abusive household, imagine the damage and rage he had to live with. If we add undiagnosed mental health issues in the mix, that’s just the perfect recipe for this type of crime

  10. I remeber this episode- i had a feeling theyd go crazy as adults or snap

    Can you cover the Junko Furuta Case? To date, that case still haunts me. 💔

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