[TF2] Live Cloak and Dagger Reaction

when Spy stated “amidst us” I felt that

Music (in order of appearance):
– The Sly Collection OST – Into the Machine (Sneaking)
– The Sly Collection OST – Into the Machine

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  1. #fortnite

  2. Got to say I wasn’t into it at first, but I’ve really been enjoying your Fortnite videos lately, keep up the good work!

  3. SMToon Entertainment

    Cloak and Dagger spies are literally random encounters from JRPG games

  4. I can’t believe my eyes. A SoundSmith video TRENDING

  5. Cloak and Dagger is definitely a spy item that exists honestly

  6. Szymson that Meme Guy

    0:15 I’ll always recognise that eggman voice

  7. Hoovy Simulator 2

    Some other commenters are talking about this too, but why exactly do random drops from dead players spawn in random places? What Source spaghetti magic makes the game think they should throw a corpse at a dispenser?? Or a hat at a random corner???
    I’ve seen it happen too, you just need to wait in a empty place and it should happen. No need to be a spy, though it does help. Sometimes I don’t even see a kill in the kill-feed when it happens.

  8. he actually put fortnite tag

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