Texas vs. Abilene Christian – First Round NCAA tournament extended highlights

The opening spherical ended with another stunner, as 14-seed Abilene Christian knocked off 3-seed Texas, 53-32, after Joe Pleasant hit two clutch free throws with only seconds to go. Watch the full extended highlights here.

Watch highlights, game recaps, and lots more from the 2021 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament on the official NCAA March Madness YouTube channel.

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  1. Wise County Cop Watch

    This is almost as crazy as the Texas Trooper trying to tell me to get off public property.

  2. The team with its own TV network loses to the team with a smaller enrollment than some Texas high schools.

  3. T-Virus Terrance

    Hello, Humans.
    Can human nature be changed? Should it be changed?


  4. The finicky stitch lilly joke because playground disappointedly consist atop a gabby cereal. absorbing, different exhaust

  5. Get this horrible female commentator out of here.

  6. 8:24 My poor man just wanted a helping hand from the ref 🥺. But seriously, go wildcats. You done made Abilene and all of us proud.

  7. Juggie Bonebrain

    The lady announcer is cool to listen to. Enthusiastic.

  8. Captain Rex Builds

    I had Texas going to the Final Four 🙁 In other news, my cat is named Abilene since she came from that area.

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