Texas student shot, killed through wall while sound asleep; shooter sentenced to 90 days | FOX 7 Austin

Gabriel Brown, Austin’s next door neighbor, asserted at around midnight, he unintentionally fired his gun while modifying it and conversing on the phone with his dad. He turned himself in but was not arrested.

FULL STORY: https://www.fox7austin.com/news/texas-state-student-shot-killed-through-wall-while-sleeping

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  1. He was criminally negligent. At least he turned himself in an was sentenced to some jail time. Unlike the people who were criminally negligent in Jordan Neely death.

  2. Proud White STRAIGHT MAN

    Guess who

  3. Another black man kills a white man and gets no real justice… Very pathetic America.

  4. Pretty sick you can’t even sleep in ur bed with out getting shot so sad for a young man like him too lose his life but of pure stupidity sorry for there loss

  5. WTF. Hang him

  6. Must be black

  7. it’s simply…fucked up!

  8. Oh geez. The bias these days is ridiculous. Reverse the race on the situation and the kid would get years.

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