Testing The Cummins Mustang’s Towing Capacity

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Testing the Cummins Mustang towing capability and we went to a motion picture ranch.


  1. The videos just keep getting better. Time to pick me up a shirt.

  2. I was laughing my arse off the whole video! Well except for the emotional part with the insperational personal interview. Makes me want to make a trip to Kansas to say “HI” haha

  3. I’m always geeked af when I see you Killen it out there. Congrats bro 😃

  4. I kept laughing and smiling Weten, this is some cool shyt man lol… happy for you and your boys man‼️

  5. Darren Quarterman

    Beauty is mainly on the inside you portray an amazing person

  6. Looking beautiful

  7. Jaime Kostorowski

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  8. Put a school bus motor in a ecoboost

  9. Westen actually made it actually so happy for you guys

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