Testing Minecraft Conspiracy Theories That Will Shock You

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  2. LegoMasterJuniorTJ

    Remember when Minecraft said that guns would be to modern. But they added ways too get electricity so maybe they will add muskets since they have gun powder iron and wood

  3. just wactch game theroys playlist

  4. Can U make hoppers craftable

  5. Melanie Tanner

    Blood stone is a actual stone and it has red in it because it has iron in it which has oxidised that makes it red and the oxidation of iron is how it is red is the same as what covers Mars and why it’s red

  6. Cap brother

  7. Are Minecraft is Steve coma because you can spawn the Ender dragon back in the end screen ther is a master builder say to another master builder wait and see what them sayaing

  8. “idk how often i see a 1 diamond vein”
    half a minute into this video and i can already tell you don’t take this game seriously

  9. XxRaptorworldxX

    You know the laugh in the warped forest? Well I think that is the warden’s laugh because it’s the same colors as the warped forest. The skulk screechers and sulk catalyst look a lot like something that would be in the warped forest. That’s my theory hopefully you agree!

  10. /summon moobloom

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