Testing HILARIOUS Life Hacks!

Yeah I put 100,000 plastic balls in my room..I am still restless


  1. Omg I love him I just fond him my mom band me to watch him buuuuuuuut I watch him still

  2. I wanted to see u recreate that one clip of Sheldon from the Big Bang theory so bad

  3. Songlyrics Songlyrics

    This stresses me out

  4. Get your ‘before 24h ticket’ here

  5. so happy to see captions on this video! i’m sure it was a fair amount of added editing effort, but it has not gone unappreciated!

  6. I love his reaction with Autumn and his girlfriend. So adorable!

  7. oh to be an amazon deliveryman to brandon’s apartment complex. the stories I would possess to wonder about all day and never receive an answer to.

  8. Hey Brandon don’t mind me asking but, do you support/respect the lgptq+ community?:(

  9. Forrestt Ainsworth

    This is the single most funny video I’ve ever seen!

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