Testing 16 VIRAL TikTok Basketball Hacks!

Today I’m testing 16 viral Tik Tok basketball hacks to look at if they truly work! Which was your favorite?

Funniest Basketball TikToks!

Thanks to @Johnny Carmack for joining me in the video clip!

► https://bucketsquad.com/


  1. Jessy, what brand is your trampoline?

  2. I use the air pocket

  3. Thank you for making amazing content Jesser!! I love your videos and they always make me smile :).

  4. Dragonplayz Gaming

    “Done” I love your content

  5. Treefrogwright Rojas

    Literally in the thumbnail there’s two different balls one is elite and one in Spaulding

  6. Why did they use tiny pink scissors to pop the ball

  7. i do no air btw i love ur vids

  8. Jessie misses a shot “This product sucks.”
    Me “or maybe it’s just ur aim.”

  9. staged af

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