Tesla Model Y 4680 Structural Pack OUT!!!

We dropped the structural battery pack out of our new Tesla Model Y. Preorder your very own 4680 battery cell here: https://munrolive.com/store/ols/products/4680-battery-cells

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  1. I bet Tesla eventually uses side squeeze snaps to mount the battery pack to the gigasting in the future, so they can just press the top and bottom pieces together until they “click” and never have to mess with bolts/threads/wrenches etc.

  2. Dan Frederiksen

    is the car very wobbly without the battery? and you may not want to stress that if the windows crack.

  3. Utterly fantastic content as always from the team. Great project and looking forward to all the developments

  4. Matthew Spencer

    How much does the structural pack (with or without seats and console) weigh?

  5. At the risk of sounding ignorant, what do they do with the cars after tearing it down? Do they ever reassemble them to use or resell? And the individual 4680 cells, these are being sold to put on your desk? I was going to say “to put on your mantle as a conversation piece” but then you’d probably not want to put these next to a fireplace lol. Fascinating video BTW.

  6. I’d like to see MA carry out torsional stiffness measurements on the new v.s. old battery enclosures and compare that with that of a cell slab assembly alone. I wonder if the change in slab orientation to crosswise is to reduce stress on those slabs under body twist?

  7. I thought it was Munro and Associates policy to either buy a car of a lot, or otherwise obfuscate that the car is for them, so that they’re getting a random car so that the manufacturer won’t make sure that they give them a “good” one?

  8. I have been following Sandy for some time, have been busy of late and managed to squeeze in a quick peek at this video. Tesla continues to revolutionise the automotive industry with its fully integrated approach which will make it virtually impossible for its competitors to compete with based on their current business models. To many things to name but battery packs half the weight of competitors in Munro’s workshop currently is an example. What I also noticed was the channels ~300k subscribers!! Hats off to all who convinced Sandy to get in front of the camera and share his and the teams knowledge, the people have voted and a nice little revenue centre possibly not imagined at the time, well done all

  9. Andrew Stankiewicz

    Junk cars

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