Terrible Shark Week Shows

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  1. Just wanna say- I subbed and turned on notifs for the Burback channel when you announced it and I have never once received a notification. I never knew you started posting on that channel at all.

  2. I like this video.

  3. Thank you Eddy. You’re all we have left.

  4. A dolphin would probably know what TikTok is but then it’d probably rape you. (No joke dolphins are rapists)

  5. Eddie you’re #14 on trending

  6. If one of my relatives was attacked by a shark I’d be pissed off at somebody trying to monetize it.

  7. This is the ultimate proof you can make anyone look like anything with a bit of narration and editing.

  8. Francesco Mancione

    Straight up when the show shows the “killcount” of “that shark” you realize it is not a serial killer, but a killer, because a serial killer needs several kills in the span of a month

  9. I love lucky dog. I put it on for mine to watch when im doing things

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