Tera Raids, Paldea Region, Pre-order Bonus, & New Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Details!

Pokémon Presents August 2022 gave us quite a bit of detail for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. But let us take a look at all the new details about the pokemon, Paldea Region, Tera Phenomenon and more!

0:00 Intro
0:43 Schools & Characters
4:03 Tera Raid dens
7:01 Koraidon & Miraidon
9:19 What is the Terastal Phenomenon?
13:26 Co-op
15:47 3 Main story objectives
18:43 Trainer Customization
19:22 Cetitan, Fidough, Paldean Wooper
20:28 Pre-order/Digital/Double Pack Bonuses

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  1. Paldean whooper having water absorb might lowkey be kind of busted it literally negates one of it’s weaknesses

  2. If you can do the gyms in any order you want them the map has to be fully open from the get go or it won’t work

  3. 905 total pokemon available as Arcius. I only know because I just completed my national dex in home.

  4. Mee-rye-dawn it’s really not that difficult

  5. Love the map analysis.

  6. 12:25 get it, inTERAsting. Ahaha


    hi Austin.

  7. pokemon scariet and violet the pokedex is the rotom phone just like sword and sheld😀

  8. Fearless Paladin

    Tera raid battle wouldn’t have guest trainers like raid dens like SWSH?

  9. Looks like an amazing game and I’ll totally buy it but im kinda getting tired of pokemon games having these “gimmicks” (Mega evolution, z moves, dynamax, etc.) I get its relative to the current region but it just feels weird when they just totally forget about them and randomly add in something new in the next game over and over.

  10. Can we please have something else than school outfit?

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