TEN HAG MASTERCLASS! Manchester United 2-1 Barcelona! GOLDBRIDGE Match Reaction

Manchester United 2-1 Barcelona! Mark Goldbridge responds to a terrific outcome for Ten Hag’s United in the Europa League! Get the most up-to-date Man Utd news on The United Stand. Player Match Ratings vote here https://www.theunitedstand.com/articles/match-ratings/fan-player-ratings-2023-barcelona-vs-manchester-united

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  1. Kessie was so much better than Dejong

  2. The whole team look tied first half frm 15 minutes in the game like the come back grate coaching

  3. Fred was the best on the pitch second half

  4. I’m not giving a chance to Antony if he can’t learn to touch the ball with his right foot. He is a professional for crying out loud. He is so predictable with his cut backs. Trash!

  5. almost all the goals they come from Bruno passes or he is involved one way or the other, his are most creative player.

  6. Come Fast To Get Into My Body

    Going back to Ten hang statement back in August. A coach can never perform magic 😌 Ten hang you’re literally doing it week in week, with our football club ❤

  7. Happy to be through, but let’s be honest: got a bit lucky with Barca in the first leg. And their injuries and suspensions. Wasn’t quite a “10Hag mastaclasss”

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