Tempers, taut quarters in Hollywood | Extended Highlights from LA Memorial Coliseum

Relive the 2022 Busch Light Clash at the LA Memorial Coliseum that had tempers, taut racing and a large payoff for Joey Logano.
Tempers, taut quarters in Hollywood | Extended Highlights from LA Memorial Coliseum
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  1. For everyone that says this is just like racing on the short tracks around the country.the track size yes, but format no. U need to invert field just like local tracks do. Make the fast cars pass people to make it interesting . especially if passing is at a premium.

  2. That was the most boring race I’ve ever watched in my life they need to take that thing back to Daytona and let him run like they used to.

  3. the bigger tracks offer a lot more competion for drivers when they can go further and faster , yes I do understand racing but as Ive already said ,,ITS TOO SHORT A TRACK , at least at Daytona they went faster and had much better races !!!

  4. I went there in person and it was way better than the old clash races. That said the show needs work. The mic stopped working and we couldn’t hear the things said. They should have put the performers down in the pit in the center and not way the heck up at the entrance. But the racing was great for non point race

  5. If NASCAR wants to bring real excitement to one of these, why not a Figure 8 race? Who wouldn’t want to watch that?

  6. All I can think about is how much did this cost for a novelty race? they had to have protected the grass underneath the track, lay a fresh asphalt track, build the barriers and the catch fence, race then tear it all down and remove the asphalt before the grass underneath dies. Impressive but a seemingly huge waste of money.

  7. when nascar first said this i was like “huh what ?!” but they made a success of it and now its part of nascar folklore forever,congratulations team penske and joey logano on the win

  8. Juan Manuel Penaloza

    The Coliseum is basically NASCAR’s equivalent to Baby Park in Mario Kart: It’s small, tight and plain but that’s what makes it interesting and unique.

  9. I did not like the track, it was like a go cart track. Looked like bumper cars at a carnival.

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