Telling Our FAMILY that we are PREGNANT! *emotional*

They were so overjoyed for us and I hope you all love the video clip!!

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  1. Jordynn Carpenter

    Aww congrats

  2. That guy it just NOT excited at all about being a father. 😂

  3. Paysen 🌸🍄

    Congratulations! I’m so happy for you😄 that baby is gonna have a lot of aunts and uncles lol😂

  4. have you done a dna test for chase and josh which one the father that poor baby gonna have a not a good life cause you be a awful mom.

  5. Happy for you guys

  6. I love you videos and now toys guys are having a baby and will make your life complete 😄

  7. such a cheating s#ut

  8. Awww that was the best reaction!

  9. Ledger will be an uncle 😂 So happy for you Kass! After all you went through you deserve to have a beautiful healthy kid! Looking forward to March!

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