Telling a tale to an “if that was me” person

Holla Youtooz for working with me on another figure, THANK YOU!!
Go get a King Caleb at
or do not I can not impel you to… I may be able to make you feel bad for not getting it though. What, you despise the good folks that worked on the figure?
or is it me that you despise smh… you know it took those folks months to make this happen and you do not even care… I am not mad at you, just a little disappointed y’know. Just thought things were different… *sigh* guess not. We are still cool though, I just see where we stand…What? oh you are saving up cash? Thats fair carry on then, my fault G giant ups!

Melodic – Tidiane
19 – Oddwin


  1. We all have one friend who played a little too much GTA and now thinks they’re invincible

  2. You’re soft!

  3. Is it just me noticing that tissue on the coach?🧐

  4. Its funny how it was getting closer to the end the dude seemed to get angrier and angrier

  5. I feel like if someone ever broke into Caleb’s house, it’d be the most funny interaction ever in existence 😂

  6. 暗いの王ペガサス

    man, that guy literally said, “I would have done a backflip, snap the bad guys neck and save the day.”

    only the truly cultured ones will get this.

  7. He is always funny

  8. I can’t stand people like that! 😂

  9. bro how is Youtooz gonna do us dirty like that. There’s this coupon thats still active when u use it but as soon as u get to the checkout it says the code aint gonna work anymore lol

  10. The Where I’m from people:FINALLY A WORTHY OPPONENT

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