television shows and motion pictures I will NEVER make video clips about

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Riverdale has entirely lost its mind…

To All The Boys 2 is kinda stupid…

ZOMBIES 2 does not make any sense…

ZOMBIES is humorously stupid…

Home Alone 2 without exaggeration makes no sense…

Triumphant was kinda stupid…

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  1. Wazih Sharar Ihsaas

    Do a episode on One Tree Hill 😂

  2. *cAn yOu dO tHe hUngEr gAmEs sErIeS*

  3. U should watch SKINS

  4. I wonder if the show Psych would work? It’s really funny and really good.

  5. Way to stick to your creative vision! I appreciate the reminder about the human behind the toons and your commentary makes me spit-laugh more than anyone else I watch on YouTube! Keep on figuring out your pace and don’t worry about “trending”! 👍🏻👍🏻

  6. anna nicole price

    I would love to see what ur take is on the skins uk as the us version did not translate well. Also the UK version of the inbetweeners

  7. I need that Jurgherrd fanfic

  8. Make a video about Skins

  9. Do the show Good Girls on Netflix please!!

  10. Alex I respect you sooooo much for explaining this. I will always watch your videos and give that thumbs up 👍🏽

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