TEKKEN 8 – Reveal Trailer

It is time for a next-gen grudge match! 🥊
Take the fight to a new level with #TEKKEN8


  1. Imagine if this one was open world too?

  2. Para android?🥲

  3. Chain is broken

  4. A man’s muscles and nipples may be beautiful, but a woman’s breasts and face will never be the way we want them to be.
    That is political correctness.
    Female supremacy at its best!

  5. I got a feeling that this tekken will be the final one.

  6. Bruh what theme song is playing in the background

  7. 0:54 Kazuya: Let’s play with the devil gene

    1:33 Jin: You wanna play with the devil gene! Okay let’s play 🔥🔥🔥

  8. They’ve all been the same age since 1997

  9. Please don’t suck
    Please don’t suck

  10. YAayy another came nobody wants

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