TEKKEN 8 — Jin Kazama Gameplay Trailer

You can not choose your family. But you can fight for your destiny.
#JinKazama is back in #TEKKEN8! 🥊 http://spr.ly/60063vPAw



  1. Adrian Graco Ramirez

    He has full control over the devil gene, but that would mean Devil Jin won’t be a playable character

  2. Playing Tekken 8 will now be COMPLICATED just by watching those move set, it’s not like an arcade game anymore…more like an RPG already.. Did they start to put a Street Fighter touch?? 🤷🤦

  3. Ну и дальше что?

  4. Is the battlefield Times Square or something lol

  5. Happy days incoming…………..

  6. lars buff

  7. 1:09 I love how the girl in the hot dog van doesn’t give a f*** what happens

  8. Kent Diamond E. Rosales

    I think Jin is trained by Lars since he’s doing air backflips now

  9. wait. i feel sorry for the guy selling hotdogs. 🤣💦

  10. So bound to the ground is back??

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