Technoblade Pig is here

For all players to use.

Optifine resource pack:

Fabric mod (by thecolonel63):

Thank you to Omniv for enabling the nametag change.


  1. It should be added without any resource packs.

  2. technoblade never dies

  3. such a lovely tribute to Techno

  4. This piggy has become a legendary easter egg. Thank you, Mojang.

  5. HikaruDoesThings_

    For some reason, I can’t get the invulnerability command to work, is there any other way I can make the pig invulnerable? Im on java optifine 1.19 and it should be working but I can’t figure it out.

    Regardless, thank you to all the amazing creators who made this meaningful tribute to a fallen but not forgotten hero.

  6. Karsyn Eat my Mangos💦

    I really hope this does make it in, just like how Toast exists as a memorial to a late rabbit. The invulnerability thing would be perfectly balanced too, as you can just name it back if you don’t want it there, and pigs can’t do any harm if invulnerable anyway.

  7. put the crown a bit lower there shouldnt be any pink above the eyes

  8. Yes guys this would be a great addition and yes it would be but if they ever do, it should only last for like a day or a week at most. Permanent would be obviously unfair since so many great YouTubers come from Minecraft too. DanTDM, Stampy Long nose, Iballistic squid, tommyinnit, dream, Popularmmos, prestone, unspeakable, etc… all of them came from Minecraft and all had great influence over the games popularity now. I get devs being permanent but YTubers should be like a limited addition thing.

  9. As much as I think that it would be nice of the devs at mojang to add something like this, it would be a bad precedent.
    Everyone dies eventually and I don’t think mojang would want to have minecraft remembered as the gravestone of all the dead minecraft youtubers. It would also mean that some people might feel offended that mojang would not do the same for the next person.

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