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Welcome to the Doctor Who Channel! Travel in the TARDIS with clips dating back to the Doctor’s first incarnation in 1963, all the way through dozens of regenerations. Which includes behind-the-scenes footage, exclusive video clips and our very own show Doctor Who: The Fan Show – this is the place to find all the greatest official clips.

This is a commercial channel from BBC Studios. Service info and feedback: https://www.bbcstudios.com/contact/contact-us/


  1. I would like to know who’s the composer?

  2. How the marketing has gone from 1-10 since Russell has come back

  3. HE DONT FORGET TO CLICK BELOW’D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Doctor Who getting #1 on Trending, and remaining in the top 5 the day after?

  5. they got that disney money and it shows! but if they’re in the habit of bringing back former doctors and companions, i really hope that when 14 does finally show up, the Master comes back for an arc as well, but this time, i want the Master to be super spiteful and regenerate with Rose Tyler’s face.

  6. Will this come out on ABC iview in 2023?

  7. Can’t wait

  8. Who asked

  9. triplejazz musicisall

    Yet again we see DW footage which is nothing to do with Chibnall looking so much more exciting than anything Chibnall ever did. Maybe that’s a twisted positive? This just looks so wonderful and DW feels special again. I am harsh on Chibnall but why shouldn’t I or others be so. Afterall he almost killed off the show. Cheers to the old gang, and the newbies in this, look really awesome too.

  10. ALMOST makes me want to reconsider my decision to get a TV licence so I can watch this but then, there’s still the whole Jimmy Savile and friends horror show and let’s not forget the white, middle aged, overweight, over paid ‘men in suits’ at Auntie Beeb getting fatter off of your licence ££££.
    Love Dr Who, love David Tennant but hate the BBC so l’ll keep my £££££ and wait til it gets uploaded somewhere.

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