Team Sky Opens a Pokémon Gym
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  1. The Awsomesause Squad

    Hey poochyena was added to paldea DLC maybe team sky could do sc/vl dlc?

  2. 36:56 as for your question about America existing, I’m pretty sure Lieutenant Surge mentions America

  3. Does Mikey know about Team Sky?

  4. How do you get that game?

  5. Bro where is the lead a evil team mod

  6. good video

  7. honestly i think you are the best poketuber and you will be always remembered and team sky will be remembered surely.

  8. i really love watching ur videos mikey but whenever u call women “chicks”…. ik u don’t mean it in a bad way but to me that’s such a red flag :‘D

  9. Kalos and alola rn !!! i love those so much

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