Well she ain’t called Tanya the Evil for nothing.

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  1. #3 on trending LET’S FUCKN GOOOO

  2. What a great way to end my day with a CJ vid😭🙏🏾

  3. Yo I’ve been waiting for this video she’s a menace

  4. Bruh when i looked at the last video he posted it was posted 2 WEEKS AGO, WHY DOES 2 WEEKS FEEL LIKE 7 MONTHS!?

  5. [points to profile pic]

    I ABSOLUTELY approve of this episode!

  6. She is my wifu
    Love her 3000

  7. Yeah Tanya is a true menace

  8. @Cj Dachamp bro you should do a black air force vid on ains oal gon next🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯

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