Tales Of The Jedi | Official Trailer | Disney Plus

Two Stories of Fate. One Destiny. #TalesOfTheJedi is coming to #DisneyPlus. All six Original shorts are streaming on October 26.


  1. Vasilije Ivanović

    Why is no one speaking about “inquisitor” figure who could be darth plagues actually

  2. Said it once said it a thousand times, Star Wars is at its best when animated, with a few exceptions (Resistance and Rebels).

  3. The Ahsoka series should have been an animation too :/

  4. Username already taken

    Bro, Count Dooku looks like Nicolas Cage!!!

  5. finally other members of the council taking actions

  6. who tf was the sith guy?

  7. oh my i can’t wait

  8. Henry the PaleoGuy

    Finally! Some more young Dooku stuff!

  9. Darth konshu?

  10. Crown Prince Sebastian Johan of Ponte Corvo

    Master Dooku looks incredibly powerful and nimble. We rarely got to see Dooku actually near full power. In most CW episodes he was toying with people.

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